Quality Assurance Guarantee

Our Assurance, To You

We provide a Quality Assurance Guarantee for Bradstone Walling Products, on the strength, structural integrity, durability, and against any defects in the material and or workmanship in the production. Bradstone manufactured stone will be guaranteed to the original owner.

The Quality Assurance Guarantee assures that the Bradstone Products will:

  • Retain its structural strength, integrity and durability
  • Protect the home through Canadian climactic weather changes
  • Retain its texture
  • Is manufactured to industry standards and meets Canadian Specification Guidelines

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee is a commitment to ensure the highest quality product possible. If Bradstone Walling is installed according to specifications and becomes structurally defective, the products will be replaced.

Bradstone will not be responsible for the following: Installation, colour fading due to the naturally occurring phenomenon of efflorescence inherent in all top quality products with high cement content, exposure to acid based cleaning products, or excessive cleaning techniques which may be detrimental to the face of the finished product.

This guarantee does not include transportation costs or installation costs. This guarantee is not transferable to subsequent owners.