About Bradstone

Our Corporate Vision

Bradstone’s vision is to continue to expand our role as a leader in reconstructed / manufactured stone and architectural surrounds through innovation in manufacturing technologies.

We will continue to build relationships within the construction industry, with our clients and employees, based on pride, trust and confidence.

All of our staff are committed to the “Vision and Values” of providing a product that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Bradstone is dedicated to maintaining an environment conducive to fostering partnerships in the industry. For more information, contact us at 416-798-7809 or email us at info@bradstone.ca

The Bradstone Story

Bradstone was originally created in England for the sole purpose of providing modern materials to historic and sensitive projects. Natural stone, though attractive, has become increasingly expensive for general use and this led to the search for products with the appearance of stone but with material and construction cost advantages.

Before any Bradstone product is produced, the profile, shape, colour, surface texture and pattern of the natural stones are carefully researched.

Skilled craftsman then use traditional masonry skills, painstakingly reproducing the essential characteristics within an original stone master. This is then used to form the mould. The stones are made in moulds cast from those masters. Many different stone masters are used, to avoid obvious repetition and creating a unique finish every time.

Bradstone products are manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, special blends of Portland cement, premium admixtures and colouring pigments. The mix is regularly tested for consistency. In the production process, equal care is then taken to ensure that the blend of colours reflect the natural hues found within the original stone.

The end result is a beautiful natural looking product which is highly authentic in appearance and used by leading designers to create homes and gardens of distinction’s products with the appearance of stone.

More About Bradstone

Bradstone – a leader in manufactured stone – is manufactured under license in Canada by Wintergreen Ltd and has been available in Canada since 1984. In that time thousands of projects have been completed including residential communities, custom homes and commercial projects.

Bradstone’s manufactured stone has been used since the 1950’s in England and throughout Europe, which provides evidence to the products durability.

Bradstone is a privately owned company, and has maintained a stable employee base since its’ inception.

Staff Design Consultants work with clients through the entire process to ensure that their projects exceed their expectation. Bradstone consultants offer impeccable service and support as well as design recommendations.

Bradstone’s manufactured stone products’ popularity and success with architects, designers, builders and home owners is based on its ability to adapt to design criteria.

The Bradstone Advantage

  • Bradstone Products’ parallelism to natural stone is unmatched in the marketplace
  • Manufactured in finely detailed moulds created from Natural Stone to replicate the complexity, character and texture
  • Hundreds of different moulds are created to avoid obvious repetition of individual profiles
  • All manufactured stone products are hand finished
  • Wide range of standard colours ranging from soft solid tones to weathered colours
  • Custom colours are also available
  • Colours are always consistent and do not vary
  • Modular unit sizes for simpler design, detailing, construction and installation
  • A full range of cost effective Accessories provided to compliment various stone styles
  • Impeccable service, support and design recommendations provided
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee